About Us

HOC is one of the fastest growing privately held contractors in the UAE, headquartered in DUBAI. The company endeavors to offer the best quality services in the field of construction, specializing in the Industrial Sector to deliver Turnkey Projects, Infrastructure work, Erection of Steel Structures, Industrial Flooring and Cladding / Cold Store Installation. It is an enterprise that retains a tradition of integrity and is on the road to expansion in line with the market demand. Equipped with a highly professional team, it houses the capability to execute all activities related to the construction industry. Our ability to manage each phase of a project’s life-cycle efficiently and effectively has enabled the company to successfully complete projects. We are “A young company with an experienced soul”,

We understand that projects represent not only buildings, but the plans for the future of our clients, so let us work hand in hand to make your vision a reality.


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Our story

Our mission

Our mission is to render best quality services accompanied with budget control and timely completion of work. We strive to consider our clients’ vision and do our best to fulfill their requirements for the project. We have a strong desire to achieve this with the co-operation and co-ordination of our well experienced Work Force, Project Managers, Expert Engineers and the Management focusing on the execution and timely completion of the project.

Our Vision

In an industry too often plagued by companies looking to outbid and undercut prices rather than focus on providing outstanding Services, we are known for the quality of work, our dedication in putting in those long hours when needed and for sharing our knowledge to help our clients. In turn, we have been rewarded with a long list of clients who praise our work ethic and our end products.


Why HOC ?

We capitalize on what we have, we quote value as opposed to price:

  • Our Clients know that the firm is providing a design and build approach due to the experience available in the management – not just a build to get paid
  • Our Clients know that the company will not execute the works alone but will leverage and call on other experts to ensure timely delivery and specialist advice if required
  • Our Clients know that this is not just a small company but a small company with great technical capabilities and knowledge which is able to cater to his required quality and requirements, moreover, actually contribute to actually bettering his initial design through better practices previously encountered.